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user service protocol

Important hints:
According to the provisions of this agreement, provides users with services through criftshop. This agreement has the legal effect between users and criftshop.
In particular, reminds users to carefully read and fully understand the terms of the agreement, especially the articles on the exemption, limitation of criftshop liability, restrictions on the rights of the user, the settlement of disputes, and the application of the law.

Users are asked to read carefully and choose whether to accept the agreement. Unless the user accepts all the terms of the agreement, the user is not entitled to use the services provided by criftshop under this agreement. After clicking "agree with the following agreement and registration" button, this Agreement constitutes a legally binding document for both parties.

1. User registration

1.1, the ownership and operation rights of all criftshop services belong to criftshop. In order to protect the rights and interests of users, users must carefully read all the terms of the service agreement before they voluntarily sign up for criftshop services. The user agrees and accepts all the terms of the agreement and completes the registration process before becoming the official user of criftshop.

1.2, the contents of this agreement include the body of the agreement and all kinds of service terms and rules that criftshop has released or may be released in the future. All terms and rules are integral parts of the agreement and have the same legal effect as the agreement.

1.3, users are committed to accepting and following all relevant provisions when they are using the services provided by criftshop. criftshop has the right to make and modify the agreement or the terms from time to time. If there is any change in this agreement, criftshop will publish notices on criftshop to notify users. If users do not agree with the relevant changes, they must stop using the services provided by criftshop. The revised agreement will become effective immediately after the announcement of criftshop. The terms will become effective after the release and become part of the agreement. Log in or continue to use the services provided by criftshop to indicate that users accept the revised protocol.

1.4, users must be natural persons with full civil capacity or entities with legitimate business qualifications. A person with no capacity for civil conduct, a person with limited capacity for civil conduct, and an organization that does not have legal qualifications shall not be registered as a criftshop user or to trade with the criftshop beyond its civil rights or capacity, such as the transaction with criftshop, the service agreement is ineffective from the beginning, and the criftshop has the right to immediately stop trading with the user, Cancel the user account and have the right to undertake the corresponding legal liability.

1.5 the user clicks on the agreement, which is deemed to be the user to confirm the right ability and ability to enjoy the criftshop service, the next shopping and so on. It is responsible for the legal responsibility independently and is responsible for the authenticity of all the information that the user provides in the order.

Two. User account

After the successful registration of 2.1 users, criftshop will open an account for the user as the only identity of the user in the criftshop transaction and the use of criftshop services. The user's name and password of the account are held by the user.

When 2.2 users use criftshop services, they should keep and use the username and password carefully, reasonably and safely, and the user is responsible for the operations and transactions carried out with their username and password. If a user discovers any illegal user account or vulnerabilities, he should notify criftshop immediately and report to the public security organ.

Three. User information collection, use and protection

3.1 users need to disclose information as required when using criftshop services, including but not limited to: real name or name, contact address, mailbox, and contact phone. The user should ensure that the information is true, accurate, effective and complete when provided, and should be updated in a timely manner according to the actual situation or the requirements of the criftshop. Because the information disclosure is incomplete, untrue, or the update of information is not timely caused by the users to enjoy the criftshop service is restricted or lost, it should be responsible for the users independently. Besides the necessary information, users also have the right to decide to disclose some other information by themselves.

3.2 users authorize criftshop to collect your user information, which may include registration information, product information and transaction information. criftshop's collection of user information will follow the rules of the relevant laws.

3.3, criftshop will take appropriate measures to provide sufficient information security for users' information according to the requirements of relevant laws. The user should keep and use its user information, including the QQ number and its password, the WeChat account and its password, the transaction related payment account and password, connection mode, address and other information, resulting in any loss of the user due to the disclosure of the above information, including the use of any third party application software of the criftshop to cause information. Any loss caused by the user shall be independently borne by the user. If any information is disclosed by a user, the user should also promptly notify the criftshop of the disclosure in an effective manner so that the criftshop will take measures within a reasonable time to prevent the continued expansion of the loss, but criftshop does not bear any responsibility for the consequences that have been produced before the measures are taken.

3.4 criftshop guarantees not to disclose to the public or to provide users' personal information to any third party, except for one of the following situations:

3.4.1 obtains user permission before publishing or providing related information.

3.4.2 is made public or provided according to laws or policies.

3.4.3 can only provide users' personal information only if they disclose or provide users' personal information, so that they can provide users with needed goods or services.

3.4.4 is made public or provided according to the requirements of the state power organ.

3.4.5 is open or provided in accordance with other provisions of this agreement.

3.5 in order to provide more quality criftshop e-commerce platform services to users, improve the e-commerce shopping experience, users agree that criftshop can provide your personal information to the criftshop associated company.

3.6, users understand and agree that criftshop may be sold or transferred to the third party in the case of criftshop reorganization, dissolution, bankruptcy liquidation, merger and acquisition. In such transactions, as an inseparable part of the criftshop, your user information may be transferred to the third party so that the third party can continue to provide service to you.

Four. Trade in goods

4.1, through the services and other services provided by criftshop, users can query goods and services information on the criftshop website, conclude transaction intentions and trade.

When 4.2 users have transaction disputes with the merchant during the transaction on the criftshop website, once the user or the merchant any party or both parties submit the criftshop website to request criftshop mediation, then the criftshop has the right to make a decision based on the unilateral judgment, and the user understands and agrees to accept the decision and the mediation decision of the criftshop.

The basic information, price and availability of 4.3 commodities are marked by the criftshop merchant on criftshop and are updated at any time, and no special notice is given to the changes in such information criftshop.

4.4 the basic information, price, and availability of the goods displayed on the criftshop is only an invitation to offer; the user's order is an offer for the order of the goods; the criftshop system sends the order confirmation and the emails of the merchandise out of the goods to the user, or the merchant sends the goods directly to the user's designated receiving address, and constitutes the merchant. The promise of the order will be established at this time.

4.5 if a user orders a variety of goods in one order and criftshop only emails a portion of the goods out of the warehouse, only the order contract of this part is established; until criftshop sends other goods out of the library to the user, the subscriber and the criftshop order contract for other goods is established.

4.6, criftshop and merchants retain the right to restrict the quantity of goods ordered. When placing an order, the user promises to have the right and ability to order the corresponding goods, and is responsible for the authenticity of all the information provided in the order.

4.7, users can log in to criftshop's registered account at any time to query the order status.

4.8, under the following circumstances, criftshop has the right to cancel the order.

4.8.1 has reached agreement between users and criftshop merchants.

4.8.2 criftshop or business shows goods information is obviously wrong or out of stock.

4.8.3 user order information is obviously wrong or order quantity exceeds criftshop or merchant inventory.

4.8.4 is due to force majeure, criftshop system failure or third party attack, and other situations criftshop cannot control.

Five. Distribution of goods

5.1, criftshop or merchant will deliver the goods to the designated delivery address. All delivery time listed on criftshop is a reference time, and the calculation of reference time is estimated on the basis of inventory status, normal process and delivery time, delivery location.

5.2, the delivery cost varies according to the commodity mode selected by the user (direct mail or free trade) or the way of delivery.

5.3 in order to ensure that the criftshop can deliver the goods accurately and in time, the user should clearly and accurately fill in the real name, the receiving address and the contact mode of the user or the consignee.

5.4, criftshop will not be liable if the order is delayed or unable to deliver.

5.4.1 users provide incorrect information or undetailed addresses, resulting in goods being unable to deliver.

5.4.2 goods are delivered to no one to sign, resulting in repeated distribution costs and related consequences.

5.4.3 force majeure events such as natural disasters, traffic restrictions, strikes, riots, and sudden wars.

Six. Service rules

6.1 price information

6.1.1 criftshop will do its best to ensure that the price of users' purchase is consistent with the price posted on the website, but the price list does not constitute an offer. Despite the best efforts, some of criftshop's products may have pricing errors due to the objective reasons such as Internet technology. If error pricing is found, criftshop has the right to take one of the following measures., if the correct price of a commodity is lower than the wrong pricing, criftshop or merchants will sell the product to users at a lower price. if the correct pricing of a commodity is higher than the error pricing, the criftshop or the merchant will contact the user before delivery for instructions, or cancel the order and notify the user.

6.2, criftshop can pre register the out of stock products, and do our best to meet the needs of users in the shortest time. When goods are out of stock, criftshop will notify users at first time by mail, SMS or phone, so that users can buy them easily. The pre-sale registration does not make the order processing, and does not constitute an offer.

6.3 service notification

6.3.1 agrees to receive advertising and marketing information: users agree to receive information from criftshop, including but not limited to marketing activities, commodity trading information, promotional information, etc. In order to understand the rich commodity information in time and improve the e-commerce service experience, the third party of criftshop can provide the information to the user in various ways, such as SMS, telephone, mail and so on, within the scope allowed by the laws and regulations.

6.3.2, if users don't want to receive mail and SMS except order, they can go back to read.

6.4 refunds / refunds / refunds

6.4.1 criftshop reserves the right of interpretation and restriction of goods return and replenishment. The order is the acceptance of criftshop or merchant's return and replenishment rules. The rules of return and replenishment should be based on the contents announced by criftshop or merchants.

6.4.2 refund is due to refund, the order paid online, the refund is returned to the original payment card.

6.4.3 considering that criftshop is an overseas electronic shopping platform, the behavior of users and criftshop merchants is regarded as the behavior of customers' shopping abroad. Therefore, the goods that users and merchants trade are not applicable to "7 days unwarranted return".

6.5 rule change

6.5.1 criftshop can change this service rule according to need. Modification and modification of service rules will be included in the updated rules of criftshop. All changes are divisibility. If a partial change or clause is considered invalid, it will not affect the validity of other changes or clauses.

6.5.2 users promise to accept and comply with all relevant rules when using all services provided by criftshop. criftshop has the right to formulate and modify this agreement or all kinds of rules from time to time. If there is any change in this agreement, criftshop will be prompted to modify the content on the important page of the website. If users do not agree with the relevant changes, they should stop using criftshop services. The revised protocol and service rules will become effective immediately after they are posted on the website. Log in or continue to use criftshop services, indicating that users agree to accept the revised protocol or rule.

Seven. Limitation of responsibility

7.1 in the limits permitted by the laws and regulations, all liability for damage or economic loss caused by the use of criftshop services does not exceed the amount of the amount of goods that the criftshop has purchased from the user.

7.2 unless otherwise written, criftshop does not make any form, express or implied declaration or guarantee against the operation of criftshop and the information, content, material, product (including software) or services contained in it.

7.3 criftshop does not guarantee all the information criftshop provides to the user, and there are no viruses or other harmful components, such as e-mail, information, and so on from criftshop or its server.

7.4 criftshop is not responsible for the failure to complete or lose the relevant information, records, etc. if the criftshop system collapses or can not be used normally because of force majeure or other criftshop's uncontrollable causes. But criftshop will assist in dealing with the aftermath as reasonably as possible, and try to protect users from economic losses.

Eight. Termination of service

8.1 if the user has written off the user account to criftshop, the user's account is cancelled after the approval of the criftshop audit, and the user is relieved of the service agreement with the criftshop. But after canceling the user account, criftshop still reserves the following rights.

8.1.1 criftshop reserves the right to retain the user's registration information and previous transaction information.

8.1.2, if the user has an illegal act on the criftshop before the cancellation, or a violation of this agreement, criftshop can still make the rights stipulated in this agreement feasible.

8.2, under the following circumstances, criftshop can terminate service by canceling user's way.

8.2.1 users violate the relevant provisions of this agreement, and criftshop has the right to terminate service to this user.

8.2.2 criftshop found that the main content of user registration information is false, and criftshop has the right to terminate service to the user at any time.

8.2.3 when the agreement terminates or updates, users will not accept new service agreements.

Nine. User management

9.1, users should not publish speech containing the following contents in criftshop:

9.1.1 opposes the basic principles established by the constitution, incites, resists and destroys the implementation of the Constitution and laws and administrative regulations.

9.1.2 incites subversion of state power, overthrowing the socialist system, inciting and splitting the state and undermining national unity.

9.1.3 damages national honors and interests;

9.1.4 incites national hatred, national discrimination and national unity.

9.1.5 contains any discrimination against race, sex, religion, geographical content and so on.

9.1.6 fabricates or distorts facts, spreads rumors and disturbs social order.

9.1.7 advocated feudal superstition, heresy, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror and instigation of crime.

9.1.8 openly insults others or fabricates facts, libel others, or performs other malicious attacks.

9.1.9 other violations of the Constitution and laws and regulations.

9.2 users agree to strictly abide by the following obligations:

9.2.1 shall not use criftshop to engage in illegal activities such as money laundering, stealing business secrets, stealing personal information, etc.

9.2.2 shall not interfere with the normal operation of criftshop, nor invade website or computer information system.

9.2.3 shall not make use of registered accounts in criftshop for profit making business activities.

9.2.4 shall not publish any infringement of copyright or trademark rights and other intellectual property rights or other lawful rights.

9.3, if the user fails to comply with the above provisions, criftshop has the right to make an independent judgement and take measures such as suspending or canceling user accounts. Users are independently responsible for their own statements and behaviors on the Internet.

Ten. Intellectual property rights

All contents of 10.1 criftshop, such as words, charts, signs, sounds, pictures, digital downloads, data editing and software, and trademarks, are all the property of criftshop or its content provider, protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. No person can copy, copy or use it for other purposes without the written authorization or license of criftshop or his content provider.

10.2 criftshop has the right to use or cooperate with other people in the use experience, commodity discussion or picture published by the user in criftshop. The use range includes but not limited to the website, electronic magazine, magazine, journal and so on. It is required to be signed by the author when the user is used. Except for the copyrighted declarations of the works.

10.3 in addition to the mandatory provisions of the law, no unit or individual may illegally reproduce, reprint, quote, link, grab, or otherwise use the information content of criftshop in any way without the specific written permission of the criftshop.

Eleven, the application of the law and the jurisdiction of the dispute

11.1, the conclusion, execution and interpretation of the agreement and the settlement of disputes shall apply to Chinese people.