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Shopping problem

Common problem index

1. About Our shop related issues

2. Issues related to membership registration

3, members purchase related issues

4, commodity / after-sale service related issues

5, logistics and distribution related issues

1. About Our shop related issues

What is Q: Our shop?

A: Our shop is an enterprise entity operating in the market mode, and the merchant commodity to ensure that all the websites show the goods in the Customs record, please be assured of shopping.

What is the advantage of Q: buying goods on the Our shop platform?

A: Our shop web site shows the positive goods, at the same time import link customs clearance, logistics integration, domestic sales of goods without intermediate links, price advantages, logistics stable and convenient, after-sales guarantee.

Is there any restriction on the consumption sum and annual consumption volume of shopping on Q: Our shop platform?

A: refers to "the notice on the tax policy on the retail import of cross-border e-commerce": "the single transaction limit of the cross-border e-commerce retail imports is USD 300, and the individual annual transaction limit is USD 3000." The tariff rate of imported goods in the retail trade of cross-border e-commerce is temporarily set to 0%, and the value added tax and the consumption tax in the import link are abolished and the tax exemption is exempted, and the tax rate is temporarily exempted by 70% of the statutory tax payable. A single transaction that exceeds a single limit, accumulates more than one individual's annual limit, and a single indivisible commodity whose value is more than USD 300.

What are the Q: direct mail mode and the self trade model?

China's A: direct mail is directly exported to Chinese consumers from overseas.

The products in the B: FTA mode are sent to the Chinese consumers in the free trade area.
What is the meaning of origin and import goods classification on Q: Our shop platform?

A: import goods: when foreign goods are imported, the customs and inspection and quarantine are declared in general mode of trade. The customs shall levy the cross-border trade tax on the imported goods according to the notice on the tax policy on the retail import of e-commerce in cross-border commerce, and the inspection and quarantine shall be inspected and supervised in accordance with the relevant requirements.

B: direct selling from origin: the notice on the tax policy on retail import of cross border e-commerce stipulates that when foreign goods are imported, they will apply for customs inspection and quarantine. Customs and inspection and quarantine provisions mentioned above shall be taxed and supervised.

What is the meaning of direct mail and free-trade in Q: direct selling?

A: origin, direct mail, direct mail: consumers purchase foreign goods, and send them directly to domestic consumers through international transportation.

B: origin, direct sale, self Trading: foreign goods are temporarily stored in the free trade area after entering the country. After consumers purchase, parcels are delivered to domestic consumers through domestic logistics.

2. Issues related to membership registration

How do Q: register Our shop users?

A: login to Our shop home page, click on the top left side "free registration", follow the steps to register. (prompts the user to verify the registered mailbox after editing, and then retrieve the password through the mailbox).

How can the Q: Our shop password be retrieved?

A: on the Our shop page, click on the top left "please login", and then click "forget the password" follow the following steps "1, fill in the account information 2, verify the identity 3, reset the new password 4, reset complete." {if you have not verified that the mailbox can't be retrieved, please provide the user with the Our shop username, mailbox, order number / consignee cell phone number (if there is a single case) to retrieve the password for their help}}

Does Q: domestic consumers need real name certification?

A: according to the relevant regulations of the port supervision department, after domestic consumers' cross-border online shopping, individual parcels need to provide real name information to facilitate customs declaration, and it is strictly confidential and will never be leaked.

3, members purchase related issues

Does Q: need to pay extra fees for ordering goods on merchant website? If the number of purchases is large, will the express fee increase?

The freight charges of A: imports include express charges outside and within the territory of US. The specific prices are formulated according to the quotations of the third party logistics enterprises, and the freight will be adjusted accordingly as the actual weight of the goods purchased is different.

When can Q: be paid, when can it be delivered?

A: special circumstances include: consumers in the purchase of goods in Our shop, compared to the general e-commerce direct delivery process, Our shop merchants to customs declaration of goods entry links, declaration after the release of goods by logistics, on the one hand, increase the supervision department is conducive to the quality of the certificate, but at the same time, it also postponed the normal delivery of delivery. Between.

Q: currently, the two areas are "origin outlets" and "imported commodities". Will they paste US labels and two-dimensional code information?

There are two modes of cooperation in direct selling area (direct mail + self trading) of A:. There are no US labels on the packages and the products themselves, but they will be labeled with two-dimensional code information.

Under the B: import trade area, the Our shop will have stickers and the corresponding two-dimensional code information outside the package and the merchandise itself.

4, commodity / after-sale service related issues

Q: why can we see a product on the Our shop website before? Why do we not have it now?

A: goods are provided by the merchant, at the same time, on the Our shop display, such as the commodity has been under the shelf, may have been sold or the merchant in the adjustment of goods, after the suggestion, then pay attention to the related goods.

How much can Q: buy on the Our shop website than the brand entity store?

A: Our shop website displayed on the positive brand goods, in logistics, tariffs, import links are more than the traditional general import advantages, price relative to the entity store 30% lower than the store, please consumers to buy.

Q: I see a * * * * * * * * commodity on the Our shop website. The title of the commodity does not agree with the specific information of the commodity. Why is the information displayed differently?

A: goods are provided by the merchant, and at the same time on the Our shop display, such as commodity copywriting and picture error, please feed the name and model of the commodity to the merchant, will be adjusted by the relevant departments, and suggest that consumers do not buy it for the time being.

What if Q: purchase products need partial or total refund if there are some problems?

After the A: merchant agrees to return the refund, the third party will be paid a refund application for a refund. The general refund period is 10 days (the refund time for each bank is different); the cross-border e-commerce retail import goods can be refunded within 30 days from the day of the customs release, and the total amount of the annual transaction will be adjusted accordingly, and the return flow above is adjusted accordingly. The program began in April 8, 2016.

Q: is it possible to return the goods if the goods are not satisfied?

Overseas businesses on A: Our shop provide regular return channels for goods in the mainland of US. After the agreement, the consumers can return the goods to the designated locations within the mainland of US after consultation with the sellers, to ensure that the customer's after-sales service is guaranteed and enjoy the whole journey free shopping experience.

Q: after the purchase of goods, will provide tax?

At present, 1 A: trade and direct mail mode can provide the electronic tax, the following two ways:

1) the use of Oriental payment users, electronic tax bill will be sent to the user at the time of registration payment when the reserved mailbox in the east.

2) the use of UnionPay payment users, electronic bill will be sent to the user at the time of registration of Our shop reserved mailbox.

Does Q: offer invoices for the purchase of goods? What vouchers can be provided after the purchase of goods?

A:, because it is an overseas commodity, merchants do not provide invoices, and merchant goods are at customs.

Q: why straight mail than trade freight expensive?

The goods purchased under the A: direct mail model are shipped from overseas. The goods purchased in the mode of self trade are shipped from the domestic Shanghai free trade area. Compared with the domestic freight, the goods sent abroad are definitely higher than the domestic freight. The specific prices are made according to the quotations of the third party logistics enterprises, and the freight will be different because of the actual weight of the goods purchased. There is a corresponding adjustment.

Q:, I haven't found the logistics information (waybill number) of the goods on Our shop website or business website. Where can I find it?

A:, if you place your order successfully, you can get the relevant logistics information and waybill number on the merchant website's "personal order Enquiry".

Which logistics companies do Q: Our shop cooperate with?

A: Our shop platform cooperation logistics companies mainly include UPS, TNT, DHL, OCS, SF EXPRESS, Shanghai post, Yutong, Shen Tong, Zhong Tong, rhyme, and so on; business owners choose logistics companies to provide service for domestic consumers.
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