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Check for goods

Notice for package signing (only for free trade order):

In order to protect your rights and interests and avoid unnecessary losses, it is suggested that before you sign in, check whether the package is intact, if the package has been damaged, deformed, damp and disassembled, you can directly reject the package and indicate the reasons for rejection with the delivery staff on the package. When the package is rejected, please call the consignor on the spot, so that your problem can be solved quickly.

Note: other people's collection is also regarded as my own sign (such as community guard, security, company front desk, family relatives, etc.).

After signing, if there are any abnormal conditions such as breakage, wrong hair and leakage, please make sure that you call the cross border service hotline within 48 hours and provide the following information as required so that your problems can be dealt with and solved quickly. Thank you!
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