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Claim commitment

After-sale clause

Overseas original product guarantee

The merchants who enter harrodx platform provide overseas direct merchandise to buyers of harrodx website shopping. Goodswe as the third party's cross-border e-commerce platform, to ensure the effectiveness and safety of bilateral transactions.

"Overseas direct selling" is a direct selling of overseas goods to Chinese consumers by foreign businesses.

Merchants promise that all the goods are "100% overseas original products, 100% overseas merchants, 100% overseas direct selling, 100% domestic return", for you to create a convenient cross-border online shopping experience, easy to clean all the world's overseas products, let you ease and rest!

1, 100% original overseas original products

All the goods on harrodx are produced or sold abroad, and all have been put on record through customs, quarantine inspection and other departments; (commodity specifications, names, origin and other information, brand party authorization, purchase orders, bills, etc.)

2, 100% overseas merchants

The sellers in harrodx are overseas businesses with overseas company entities (operating office sites, web sites and so on). All these overseas companies have entered the record by customs and external management departments.

3, 100% overseas direct selling

All the goods on harrodx are: commodity manufacturers - > overseas merchants - > customs entry - > Logistics Express - > consumer destinations, complete logistics link information, and has been put on record through customs, quarantine inspection and other departments.

Free trade mode: goods are issued from the warehouse of free trade zone (overseas businesses are pre stocked to FTZ bonded warehouses).

Direct mail mode: overseas businesses are issued through international logistics.

4, 100% domestic returns

The overseas sellers who are in harrodx provide registered entities in mainland China to undertake services such as after sale, refund and replacement.

The quality of goods or goods are inferior products. Businesses must return them.

A request for return for consumers' unilateral reasons can be negotiated with the seller, such as: buying the wrong one, buying it unsuitable, etc.

Online transaction security service

In the commodity transaction between consumers and third party overseas sellers, harrodx provides online transaction guarantee services to ensure the safety of payment you have paid.

After your payment is successful, the transaction is completed after you check the goods and finish the "confirm receipt" operation.

After sale and replacement service is provided by domestic company entities (entrusted by overseas businesses and filed), which ensures consumers' after sales rights and interests.

Logistics delivery of customs clearance

Free trade model:

Generally, delivery is sent to consumers from cross border warehouse within 2-7 working days.

Overseas merchants first stock the customs supervision cross border warehouse in the free trade area (goods from the overseas originating port after the whole process of customs supervision, overseas merchants and anyone have no right to contact the goods). After the consumer order, the cross border warehouse of the free trade area customs supervision and delivery of customs clearance and delivery.

Overseas direct mail model:

Generally, customs clearance can be completed within three weeks from the free trade area (except for special cases). After ordering, the overseas business will be shipped by international logistics company.

After sale return

Overseas merchants on harrodx provide regular return channels for goods in the mainland of China. After the agreement, consumers can return the goods to the designated locations within the mainland of China after consultation with the sellers, to ensure that the customer's after-sales service is guaranteed and enjoy the whole journey free shopping experience.
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